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Piaggio P-166 Collection (DX-10)

This package contains a FS-X native conversion of all my original Piaggio P-166 models developed for FS-2002/2004. All versions are included: P-166A, P-166BL-2, P-166CL-2, P-166M, P-166S, P-166DL-3 and P-166DP-1. The 3D models are virtually the same, so these are fairly simple models. Yet they come with a VC (no 2D panel this time!). With respect to the FS-2002/2004 releases, they come with very much improved panels, in two flavors: Piston and Turboprop. Gauges developed by Milton Shupe & Scott Thomas for the Aero Commander / Turbo Commander Aircraft series, and Edgar Guinart López of Aeroproyecto for the Embraer 110. Other Gauges from my own Piaggio P-180 & PD-808. Also Included is a brand-new flight model redeveloped from scratch. The 3D models are mildly improved, with a proper pilot figure, main panel backlighting and bump-mapping. Please refer to the Reference and Checklist pages provided via the FS Kneeboard for flying and operating instructions. Models converted with Arno Gerretsen’s Model Converter X. The Piaggio P-166 is a light small twin. An Exotic twin-engine prop that sold all over the world including America, UK, and Australia. Its origin is traced Back to the Piaggio P-136, a light amphibian, which the P-166 keeps the wings, the engines and the tail planes. The first P-166A flew in November 1957. The aircraft was still in production in the early 21st century in an improved turboprop version, the P-166DP-1.