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Piaggio P-166 Collection

This package contains an updated version of all my original Piaggio P-166 models developed for FS-2002/2004. All versions are included: P-166A, P-166BL-2, P-166CL-2, P-166M, P-166S, P-166DL-3 and P-166DP-1. The 3D models are virtually the same, so these are fairly simple models. Yet they come with a VC (no 2D panel this time!). With respect to the original FS-2002/2004 releases, they come with very much improved panels, in two flavors: Piston and Turboprop. Gauges developed by Milton Shupe & Scott Thomas for the Aero Commander / Turbo Commander Aircraft series, and Edgar Guinart López of Aeroproyecto for the Embraer 110. Other Gauges from my own Piaggio P-180 & PD-808. Also Included is a brand-new flight model redeveloped from scratch. Please refer to the Reference and Checklist pages provided via the FS Kneeboard for flying and operating instructions. Models converted with Arno Gerretsen’s Model Converter X. The Piaggio P-166 is a light small twin. An Exotic twin-engine prop that sold all over the world including America, UK, and Australia. Its origin is traced Back to the Piaggio P-136, a light amphibian, which the P-166 keeps the wings, the engines and the tail planes. The first P-166A flew in November 1957. The aircraft was still in production in the early 21st century in an improved turboprop version, the P-166DP-1.