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Nardi FN-333 Riviera


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Version 1.2.15 Change Log:
- Sim Update 15 Release
- Fixed Autopilot Pitch Control
- Enforced WT GNS
- Updated NAV/GPS mode control
- Increased threshold for "Trim in Motion" alert
- COM 2 Test animation fixed
- NAV volume knobs: click sound removed
- SU15 Soft Gears, Wheels & High precision Landing gear methods.

Version 1.1.14 Change Log:
- Release for Sim Update 14
- Control bindings (See manual for details):
  - Floats (to Spoilers)
  - Fuel Selector
  - Emergency Gear
  - Emergency Hydr. Pump (to Manual Fuel Pump)
  - Fuel Pump
  - Anchor (to Wing fold)
- OMI Lights working Correctly
- Fuel Pressure drops if no fuel is available.
- Reservoir past fuel selector now working
- Keyring has more inertia
- Fixed External Cameras
- Sound Volumes adjusted for:
  - Engine Inside (+)
  - Floats (+)
  - Water rudder (+)
  - Controls and Switches
- Softbody dynamics (flutters past Vne)
- Landing Gear is more rigid.
- Improved Water Landings
- Propeller Spray Effect improved
- Improved Engine Sounds
- GNS-430: touchscreen enabled
- GNS-430: full shutdown when deselected

Version 1.0.13 Change Log:
- Initial release for Sim Update 13

The FN.333 Riviera is a single-engine amphibious light aircraft by Italian aviation producer SIAI-Marchetti. The craft, which seats four, including the pilot, took its maiden flight on December 4, 1952 and was introduced a decade later after a number of refinements. A total of 29 were built, and some continue to fly to this day.

The Riviera is a favourite among adventurous pilots as it open up wide horizons of travel with its ability to operate off of either land or water. The FN.333 Riviera is composed of a stout hull-fuselage that features a high wing and a twin-boom tail assembly. It has retractable tricycle landing gear, a pusher configuration propulsion system, and retractable floats that seat into its wing tips. The amphibian measures 23 feet, 11 inches long and has a wingspan of 34 feet. It is powered by a 6-cylinder Continental IO-470-P piston engine that produces up to 260 horsepower and drives a 3-blade constant-speed propeller. The Riviera has a range of 560 miles, a ceiling of 20,000 feet above sea level, and a climb rate of 1,280 feet per minute. It requires 900 feet of take-off run on land and 1,380 feet on water. It cruises at 165 miles per hour and has a top speed of 180.

The FN.333 Riviera is a machine built for aviation-explorers. Agile, with just enough power and low-speed control to get into and out of tight locations, this flying boat brings some of the globe’s farthest-flung destinations within reach.


Key Features:

  • Amphibian (water spray visual and sound effects)
  •  Retractable wing floats
    • The AFM allows for their extension once already floating still on water
  •  Functioning Anchor System
    • Docking operations made simple!
  •  Reversible Propeller
    • Use with care! Excellent for water docking and reverse parking & a last resort on landing!
  •  Conventional NAVCOMM 1 or GNS-430 GPS
  •  In-Sim checklist
    • Or the full manual is available!
  •  Full Documentation included
    • Flight manual re-formatted from the original AFM!