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Nardi FN-333 Riviera

The classy looking Riviera amphibian is "Seabee" in Italian style... Built by Nardi and Siai-Marchetti, supposedly only 23 were built during the early 1960s by Siai-Marcheti, the majority of them being sold to America. As every Italian design, it is built to go fast. It seats 4 people including the pilot, the reversible propeller gives it superb manoeuvrability in water (and taxi). It is a high-wing amphibian aircraft with double tail fin and pusher propeller. Read notes before flying! (FN333_check.htm, FN333_ref.htm and panel_FN333.htm, plus readme.txt). This model features advanced flight dynamics, detailed external model, detailed photoreal virtual cockpit and virtual cabin with night lighting, custom effect, etc.